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Technical Specifications of Model PMS-SW-10000


Sewer vacuum truck works by the principle of vacuum force which is created inside an enclosed tank with a high capacity vacuum pump. Sludge, dirty water, half-solid waste and any other dirt are sucked up and collected inside the tank by this strong vacuum effect. Equipment consists of the following sub units;

  • Sludge Tank
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Safety System
  • Control Panel & System Control
  • Standart accesories

Sludge Tank

Volume: 10.000 Liter

Profile: Cylindrical shape, thickness of 6 mm steel EN10025 – S235jr (St37-2)

Front & Rear Lids: Bulge according to DIN28011, thickness of 6 mm steel EN10025 – S235jr(St37-2)

Stiffening Rings: Cold shaped NPU-65 profiles, as external supports.

Rear Lid Opening: By an upside hinge, vertically opening type with 2 units hydraulic cylinders.

Rear Lid Locking: Locking is done by means of chuck flywheels.

Mounting: Tank is mounted to an auxiliary chassis, according to the regulations of truck

chassis’ manufacturer. Tank is mounted to this auxiliary chassis with making a slope of 3 – 4 degrees with horizontal plane to provide easy emptying by gravitation.

Level Indicators: 3 units level observation glasses are attached to the rear lid. Besides there shall be an acrylic level observation tube. There shall be max. safe level sign at the top of this tube.

Discharging Spillway: For the rear of the tank in order to keep the rear bumper clean.

Baffle plates: 2 units, made of the same material with tank body, prevents fluctuation of sludge mass in the tank. Placed in equal distances dividing the tank in 3 equal volumes, there are passages between those sections for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Sludge Suction: Manually controlled gate type, 4” bronze suction valve with a quick coupling.

Sludge Discharge: Manually controlled gate type, 6” bronze discharge valve with a quick coupling and a discharge hose.

Painting: Inside of the tank is painted with two layers of epoxy paint for the maximum

endurance against corrosion. Outside of the tank is painted with two layers primer and two finish layers of protective paint for the maximum endurance against enviromental difficulties. (Outside color can be chosen by the end user)

Vacuum Pump: MORO AC5 (Made in Italy) Rotary type vacuum pump. Air cooling with fans.

Incorporated oil pump, incorporated check valve, incorporated change over valve, incorporated non-return valve.

Mounting: Vacuum pump shall be located at one side of the sewage tank.

Vacuum/Pressure: There shall be an incorporated 4-way valve on the vacuum pump. This valve is controlled with a pneumatic cylinder for changing positions (vacuum/free/pressure)

Installation: Air installation is constructed with DN100 (100 mm) steel pipes.

Free Air Capacity: 780 m³/hour (13.000 lt/min = 460 cfm).

Air Capacity @ 15” Hg  : 660 m³/hour (11.000 lt/min = 388 cfm) (note that 1”=2,54 mm)

Rotor Speed: 1100 rpm.

Max. Vacuum: % 95

Absolute Pressure: 2 bar.

Drive Type: Driven by the PTO of truck with v-belt mechanism.

Drive Type: Driven by an electro-pneumatic split-shaft PTO mounted to the truck’s main driveline without causing any efficiency loss. Motion is transferred to the vacuum pump with heavy duty pulley belt connections.

Filters: 1 unit noise silencer and oil trapper

Safety Systems

Safety: Mounted on the top of the tank, with corrosion resistant floating ball – shut off system.

Safety: Mounted on the vacuum installation between 1st and the 3rd safety means. Consists of 50-liter overflow cyclone tank , a manual discharging valve and a level indicator glass.

III. Safety: Mounted on the vacuum installation between vacuum pump and 2nd safety mean.Consists of a a stainless steel filter and a discharging valve.

Pressure Relief Valve: Mounted on the vacuum installation , providing the secure working conditions in case of excessive pressure force created in the vacuum tank.

Vacuum Relief Valve: Mounted on the vacuum installation , providing the secure working conditions in case of excessive vacuum force created in the vacuum tank.

Overflow Safety: Provides secure working conditions to prevent sludge materials to reach vacuum pump. When the sludge level reaches to critical value, operator warning buzzer runs and warning light is activated.

System Control: The system is driven by a control panel fixed on the backside of the tank which contains the below sub units.

  • Engine cycle indicator
  • Vacuum-meter indicator
  • Vacuum pump control buttons (on/off/)
  • Vacuum pump control buttons ( vacuum/free/pressure)
  • Projector control button
  • Engine gas joystick (+ / -)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety system control button


Hose Trays: Along with both sides of the tank, 2 units with shutters and locking.

Warning Lamp: 2 units, one for the front of the tank, the other is at the rear of the tank.

Projectors: 1 unit fixed at the rear side of the tank

Mud guard: Plastic made for the rear wheels of the truck

Suction Hoses: Dia. of 4″, 3-meter suction hose, with quick couplings at the end.                            (2 units = 6 meters)

Spare Tyre Place: Winch type, located at a suitable place of the truck.

Training: An operating and maintenance training for the buyer personnel is provided in our factory for 2 days till it’s believed all necessary details are shared.

: If it’s requested , our technical team (consisting 2 technician) could also travel to the buyer’s homeland in order to provide this training. In this case, all transportation and accommodation costs ( visa – plane tickets – airline fees – motorway transportation – hotel room – meals etc.) on route of “Ankara – Buyer’s Field – Ankara” is undertaken by the buyer. Normally, total training time doesn’t get longer than 2 days with all necessary conditions are met.

: 2 units operation and maintenance catalogs along with spare parts catalogs in English  are provided with each product.


Warranty: This equipment is under our warranty for any fault which caused by manufacturing, material and worker errors for 1 year after date of delivery.

PMS has the certificate of quality management system of ISO 9001:2000, CE and TSE. (Turkish Standarts Institution Certificate)

Also we can manufacture in different capacities starting from 1000lt up to 36000lt on trailer bodies.

Models are:

PMS-SW 1000

PMS-SW 4000

PMS-SW 6000

PMS-SW 8000

PMS-SW 10000

PMS-SW 12000

PMS-SW 14000

PMS-SW 18000

PMS-SW 24000

PMS-SW 36000

Please ask for specifications.