Çöp Kamyonu



  • Body capacity from 7m3 up to 18 m3 approx
  • Tailgate capacity 2,00 cu.mt. approx.
  • Compacting ratio approx.6:1
  • Curved side body
  • Compaction cycles composed by an articulated blade (carriage and sweep plate) running into sides guides with sliding pads
  • Carriage plate cylinders mounted outside the tailgate and protected by an external cover
  • Equipment CE marked by notified body in conformity with UNI EN1501-1
  • EMC conformity of the equipment  certified by notified body according to 95/54/CEE and further norms


  • Double effect ejection plate cylinder
  • Engine Rev’s control on hydraulic demand
  • Pressure cycle transducer
  • Max. pressure valves on hydraulic system
  • Piloted check valves on tailgate cylinders
  • PTO mounted on the gearbox – gear pumps
  • PTO connection safety controls


  • Equipment controlled by CAN BUS system
  • Compaction cycles: single, continuous, semi-automatic, manual (n.4 push-buttons) and synchronized with containers lifting device (when required)
  • N.4 emergency buttons: on both tailgate sides, next to the ejection plate controls and inside the cab
  • Rescue push button
  • Body unloading electrical controls (tailgate and ejection plate operations)
  • Electro-pneumatic distributor on the front of the body for services (ejection plate and tailgate)
  • Electrically controlled counter-pressure system
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor on the upper side of the tailgate for the compaction cycle
  • In cab touch screen control panel for equipment handling visualization system condition  with PTO engagement, tailgate raising warning light and emergency signaling
  • Rear-lighted push-button (diam.40mm)
  • N.3 rotating beacons on the top of the equipment
  • N.1  white working light for night operation
  • Side marker
  • Reverse alarm
  • Compacting cycle automatic stop when opening the tailgate rear board
  • Tailgate lowering safety controls (double push-button) on the body rear side
  • Rear lights repeated on the upper side of the tailgate
  • Device to prevent ejection plate forward motion when the tailgate is lowered
  • Ejection plate automatic return when tailgate is lowering
  • Acoustic alarm during the raising and lowering of the tailgate
  • Operator-driver buzzers on each side of the tailgate
  • Automatic triple hopper cleaning cycle when tailgate is raised


  • Sealing on the lower part of the ejection plate
  • Ejection plate sliding on antifriction pads on lateral guides
  • 2″ drainage gate for liquid discharge on the body
  • 2″ drainage valve for liquid discharge on the hopper
  • Side under-run bars
  • Safety props for maintenance works
  • Equipment painted in white color
  • Hydraulic oil tank, cylinders, front panels, control boxes supports and tailgate distributor support painted in Farid blue color


  • Comb + arms 120-1100lt container lifting device with lid opening controls (electrical controls)
  • Single footboard uni en 1501-1
  • Flash lights instead of n.3 rotating beacons
  • 50w lights for rear lighting
  • Colour camera with 5″ monitor in cab
  • Steel leachate tank (approx.200lt) underneath the body
  • Rotating beacons protection grids
  • Rear reflectant panels
  • Painting in customer colour instead of std white
  • Customer stickers (body)