Established in Ankara in 2004, P.M.S Concrete Batching Plants has been providing service with the PROMAX trademark to Turkish industry with 3 engineers, 20 employees, 2000 m2 manufacturing plant in Ostim in Ankara and 4000 m2 manufacturing plant in Saray in Ankara for more than 17 years. P.M.S, which began its activities by manufacturing engineering vehicles and construction machines, started to manufacture concrete batching plants for many companies in this sector and gained important experiences. Having ISO 9001- Certificate of Quality Management System, P.M.S aims to improve itself continuously with GOST and CE Certificates and professionalize in the field of manufacturing and installing concrete batching plants.

Design, component manufacturing and supply, total quality management in manufacturing and labor, montage, operating, training, the quality of after sale technical services and customer oriented sense of work will enable the name of P.M.S Concrete Batching Plants to exceed our country’s borders. Entering into a busy work schedule by new agreements signed with Iraqi government and agreements signed with Azerbaijan allowed us to progress in this sector quickly.

Manufacturing at P.M.S is carried out with various stages as a result of meticulous work. The customer demands which have been approved are transferred to project department, design works for orders are carried out by an expert team, technical calculations and manufacturing drawings are completed. Manufacturing process consists of four main parts which are manufacturing by welding, machining, painting and automation system. At PMS, the quality of product is obtained from welding totally carried out by certified welders, painting process performed meticulously after sand blasting, single or dual spindle mixer designed in a way to obtain high efficiency and mixture with desired quality and the automation system in which SIEMENS technology is used. With SIEMENS automation system, it is possible to get considerably high scale and dosage sensitivity in the maximum capacity. The plant manufacturing of which has been completed in four main stages is ready to be transferred. It is transferred to customers’ area by our experienced team. The plant is installed, tested and delivered after operator training is completed.

Accepting concrete batching plants as a whole manufacturing plant/ concrete factory, P.M.S focused its R&D and engineering activities on manufacturing and installing of high quality concrete batching plants. PMS, which aims to deliver the finest quality concrete batching plants to its customers and ensure absolute customer satisfaction, adopts giving all necessary technical services to its customers as a principle. Being aware of the fact that customer satisfaction and after sale support are the most important factors in terms of permanence and success, PMS provides all necessary technical and maintenance services for its customers during 24-Hour 7-Day uninterruptedly as well as designing and montaging the concrete batching plants manufactured by PMS.

Having become one of the leading firms in Turkish industry especially with the help of spurt in exports performed in the last years, PMS aims to be world leader in its field in the near future with its expert staff that has been transferred recently, developing technology day by day and limitless service understanding.

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