Expandable Clinic Trailers


Length: Approx. 19200 mm / Approx. 18.000 mm
Overall transport width: 2.550 mm / 2.420 mm

Width in extended position:
Height from ground level: Approx. 4.000 mm
Height internally: Approx. 2.700 mm
Floor height from ground: Approx. 1.300 mm
Internal height drawers: Approx. 2.250 mm
Floor space in extended position: Approx. 45-50 m2
Net weight: Approx.27 .000 kg

• 3-axle truck Axles: 3 pcs. heavy duty axles.
• Suspension: Air suspension with lifting/lowering function.
• Brakes: 2-line air brakes/mechanical with load-dependent activation and separate parking brake
system. Rims/tires: 8 pcs. 265/70 R 22,5 all a combination winter/summer tires of very good quality and one set of snow chains.
• Support Extensions: 4 hydraulic support legs. The support extensions will automatically and individually be horizontally leveled through the remote control. Further 2 manual support legs will be provided per pod. They can be attached for extra support in for example windy conditions. Mudguards: 1 set special mudguards.
• Light rear panel: 1 special built light rear panel with 8 integrated rear lights, type Hella or similar and comprising of: 2 pcs. number plate lights 2 pcs. width marker lamps 2 pcs. rear reflectors. 1 pc. transverse reflector strip 1 pc. safety bumper.
• Storage boxes: Storage boxes with hinges will be mounted on the chassis both side
Body construction: The body is made of 40 mm fiberglass reinforced polyester panels forming the outside and inside coating made in accordance with the “sandwich”-
• principle, sprayed with stabilized polyurethane foam in order to obtain great strength and a high degree of insulation.
• Panel thickness: All walls, roof and bottom: 40 mm sandwich panels covered with 9 mm veneer suitable for the usage of screws. Total thickness of walls and roof is 64 mm and the floor 62 mm including the vinyl.
• Floor type: Isolated 50mm sandwich floor with plywood on the inside and fiber glass externally.
• Flooring: Anti-slip safe, antibacterial and antistatic 3 mm hospital vinyl floor
• Roofing: Lighting is provided by fluorescent lighting.
• Expandable sides: On both side of the body, the vehicle is equipped with an extending section, consisting of side, ends, roof and bottom as a unit for increasing of the room space in the extended position. These side sections are activated from the normal transport position to the extended position through a remotely controlled electric switch for extending and retracting, connected to a hydraulic motor with 2 longitudinal transmission cylinders, welded on strong telescopic pipes for each side giving a travel distance of approx. 1950 mm.
• Painting: Complete painting of the chassis with 2-component paint. Complete painting of the body outside in one color with décor according to the drawers.
Technical Specifications
• Electrical caballing and connections: 1 main switchboard with fuses and adapter to 220/380 V current. Sockets for land line 32 Amp in connection with an automatic switch if the land line is falling out. Placement of power and data sockets according to the drawers. Switchbox is positioned in side box. lx 50m cable for attachment to main power, placed in the storage compartments on an electric drum.
• Electric outlet outside: One main electric outlet cabinet inside the storage box for 6 x 16 Amp grounded electric outlet EU standard together with 4 x data outlet and 1 x data inlet.
• Electricity: 2 pcs. of CEE 5 pol 32 A for connection to the main power grid will be mounted. External supply goes through a 400 V three fase 400 volt CEE-socket. Sockets inside for 230 V.
• Internal lightening: Average lighting level internally of approx. 400 lux.
• External lightening: Outside sockets and a holder for external light in each corner of the trailer. 4 x sockets back side of the trailer for electric to the reception tents together with outlet for IT.
• Solar panels: Each trailer will have solar panels mounted on the roof with necessary batteries.
• A/C: The air conditioning is dimensioned and designed so that it will keep an average temperature of 18-22° C by an external temperature between minus 10° C and plus 45° C. This is done either by own power generator or external power source. Regulation of heating and ventilation is done from the inside of the trailer.
• IT-Equipment: Cabling for internal network will be made. Cabling will be done in PDS category 6. Sockets (double PDS sockets) is situated in each room and two outlet outside end of the trailer for connection to the reception tents. The server room has to be according to the drawer.
• Lead walls: Lead is mounted in room for X-Ray Interior layout: Internal walling system with room and layout according to drawing.
• Patient lift: Patient lift is mounted in rear end of the trailer
• Electrical generator: 20 to 50 kva Generator with 300 liter Diesel tank depend on the clinic – see the drawings. The trailer can for a shorter period of time work without external power source if needed
• Doors: Doors with windows and frosted glass according to drawing. One single stair in aluminum as main entrance and one single stair in aluminum as emergency exit according to drawings.
• Windows: According to the drawings and only in the end wall of the expandable section. All doors and window frames are made of strong and top quality aluminum. Windows outside walls will only be with double isolated glasses.
• Toilet: 2 toilet, 1 shower, 2 sinks and all with mixer for cold and hot water of high quality.
• Tanks: One fresh water tank (not drinkable) of a volume of minimum 300 liters plus one tank for waste of minimum 300 liters both with heating element for use in cold climate.
• Water supply: The trailer can be connected to fixed water and waste water system alternative to an outside tank/river with a water pump and 100 m flexible water tubes on an electric drum and the same for waste water with pump with millstone. Both tubes isolated with heating for use in cold climate.
• Floor plan: See attached drawings for each of the clinics, accommodation and support units.
• Kitchen and dishwasher rooms: All cabinets, benches and other things in best quality stainless steel only.
• Accommodation: Each room will be equipped with TV antenna outlet for satellite, a small refrigerator and outlet for Internet connection.
• ISO/EU Standards: All trailers will meet ISO and EU standards regarding brakes (airbrakes) lights, couplings and any other security regulation/standards.